Economic Outlook Seminar 2023

This half-day seminar highlights the latest economic trends for local economies and the state of Montana.

The Future Of Montana: What The New Wave Of In-Migration Means For The State

What does the future hold for the Montana economy? That perennial question takes on a special significance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that sent plenty of folks from congested urban areas around the country to live in places like Montana and other Mountain West states.

For those on the move, the promise of keeping their jobs in the big city while enjoying the lifestyle and space of the West has had a powerful appeal. And their arrival is sure to be felt in everything from housing markets to the political landscape. Join us as we focus on how these powerful new trends will reshape economic growth.

Why Attend EOS 2023?

BBER economists will present national, state, and local economic forecasts for Montana’s largest communities, and industry experts will give their outlook for the state’s important sectors, including tourism, health care, real estate and housing, agriculture, manufacturing, high-tech and forest products.

Where Can I Attend?

EOS 2023 will travel to nine cities across the state and provide a live webcast for other regions. This year we will offer in-person events in Great Falls, Helena, Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Kalispell, Sidney, and Miles City.

About the Bureau of Business and Economic Research

The Bureau of Business and Economic Research has been providing information about Montana’s state and local economies for 70 years. Located at the University of Montana, the bureau is the research and public service branch of the College of Business.

On an ongoing basis, the bureau analyzes local, state and national economies; provides annual income, employment and population forecasts; conducts research on manufacturing, forest products, health care and survey research at its on-site call center. It publishes the award-winning Montana Business Quarterly and presents its annual economic outlook seminars in cities throughout Montana each year.